11 January 2021


Happy New Year?!

What a time we live in! I know all of us are wishing for a return to some kind of "normal" at this point regarding all aspects of life. I know I am!

I also know that in spite of all if it--we are all doing what we can to put one foot in front of the other and move forward. In my case, I released my album Walkin' Through This World in August, 2020 and was happy to get such great reviews etc. I had fun performing my weekly Facebook Live concerts Monday Night Mojo through out the summer and fall. 

I also decided to create a podcast. After some fits and starts with concepts and names, I landed on Cracking The Sky--Conversations with Creatives, with the intent to learn about the process of creativity specific to each artist I interview.

Well, it launched last week!

In my first three episodes I explore that concept with three exceptional artists: mulit-instrumentalist and Golden Gold nominated film composer David Mansfield, Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman, and transgender musician, songwriter, journalist, and activist Mya Byrne. I had a blast talking with them all! So much rock n roll history in David's episode (he was an early member of Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue), creative and personal inspiration from BNC, and insights into a navigating the binary world as a poet from Mya.

Honestly, getting the podcast off the ground and actually doing it from beginning to launch was a whole lot more work than I thought! However, the result is totally worth it for me and I hope for listeners. I have my next three guests lined up this month and plan to continue to publish three episodes per month.

I know we are all concentrating on literally staying alive until we can all be vaccinated and praying for our country. If I can create a little diversion for you, I'm happy.

Cracking The Sky-Conversations with Creatives podcast can be found on iTunes podcasts, Spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/7vlqzssw4LQDtgXuszyb4n, Stitcher, TuneIn, and downloaded on https://crackingtheskypodcast.buzzsprout.com/  

as well as my own website cidnybullens.com.

I pray you are all safe and well during this time. I am so grateful to have what I have, including you.

Take good care.