Photo by TJ Parsell

Photo by TJ Parsell


“One of the best decisions I ever made was taking a course from Cid.

The perspective that was gained through the course was truly invaluable.

What I got out of just one course with Cid really set me on the right footing to truly begin my journey as a musician/composer full-time.”   Leah F.  Los Angeles. CA

Are you stuck?  Discouraged? Feeling unsure about your songwriting?

I didn't go to college. I can't read music. I barely know the chords I play on the guitar. I had a few piano lessons in the fourth grade but I gave those up when the teacher wouldn't let me write my own songs.Yet here I am with over 45 years as a Grammy-nominated professional and acclaimed songwriter.

There are many and varied methods of creating a song. There is the art and the craft. But to me there is more: emotional instinct and physical feeling.

My seminars and classes are about tapping into those instincts and feelings FIRST. Then we can work in and on the craft, the structure, and the form of a good song.

“Go for the emotion and let the craft follow.”  From my interview with AMERICAN SONGWRITER magazine August 17, 2020

You ready for a different approach?  Let's get started!

COST: Two 90 minute sessions $225 pp  (Classes scheduled with 5 or more people)



If you have a song you'd like me give my professional feedback on, I'd love to listen and help you. This is not co-writing (I take no credit, unless we come to an agreement in a special circumstance).

I'll help you open up the box and allow your own gifts to spill out making your song the best it can be.

COST: $100 per hour