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Nashville, TN

Hi gang! Boy, I have been remiss in updating this blog.

It's weird now, cause people just go to Facebook and Instagram to keep up with people. Are websites becoming obsolete? Maybe. In the meantime--I do know that people still come and look, especially when they are either finding me for the first time, or haven't kept up with me for years.

This ongoing pandemic has put some of us in a state of living limbo. I know there are folks out there now working and living as though everything's back to normal. But Tanya and I haven't had that luxury for one reason or another. In this current Omicron surge, we are once again hunkered down. And maybe that's ok because...

I am now fully ensconced in writing my memoir TransElectric. I am about half way through the first draft. It's all consuming! I am so grateful now, that I have kept journals over the past, yes, 50 years. Without them--as painful as it is to read them sometimes (I was so young and what did I know?)--I would not have the circumstantial details or immediacy of feelings that I've been able to convey. Now that I'm beyond the beginning of the process, I feel pretty good about the book itself. I will have a date for the release, I hope, in June. I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, along with the memoir writing, I've been asked to contribute a bi-monthly column to an online music publication later this spring. More about that to come. I continue to do interviews here and there. I think one of the best is the one I did for BBC last summer.  It's very comprehensive and well done. SO many others though, both in print and recorded. I am always humbled by the requests from press.

I signed with a big speaking agency in NYC recently. That was exciting! We are hoping that once the book release is announced, I'll get to tell my story in all kinds of places and venues, from corporations to universities and organizations.  This week I spoke to a university Gender & Sexuality class--virtually, These kids ask awesome questions! Hopefully, I'll be doing all these in person soon.

On another note, The Refugees (Wendy Waldman, Deborah Holland, and me) will be recording a new full album this Spring. Deb and Wendy got together in Wendy's studio in LA last month to start to pre-recording process. I chimed in virtually, whenever I could. (Listen to our joint podcast--it's fun!   Also check out our Instagram: and Facebook pages! 

We are excited about us all getting back together in person and reigniting our music. More news on the Refugees album release this summer.

And on yet another note, I am hoping to begin performing my one person show again starting in the Fall 2022  or Winter of 2023. There will be a bit of re-writing, updating the script, and multi-media to reflect my current life. But the arc, the story and the songs will remain the same. Hard to believe I debuted Somewhere Between: Not An Ordinary Life six years ago this month in Santa Fe, NM. A lot has happened since then-marriage (to my stunning director), a new grandson, move to Santa Fe from Maine, another new grandson, The Gender Line doc short, pandemic, move to Nashville from Santa Fe, pandemic, book deal, pandemic... yeah, life and then some. Anyway--if you are just getting to know me and do not know about my one person show--here is a link to give you the scoop. (To be updated soon.)

Meanwhile, I am still available for songwriting consults. And if you have a group who may like to hear my story, to hear me speak on gender issues, or for a private Zoom concert, let me know.

Email me at

Thank you as always for your wonderful, supportive, and inquiring emails and comments here, there and everywhere. Keep em coming!


Stay safe out there! May 2022 be a better year for all!



Cid xox